Northern Shores

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Magnus 07966 363559 (text with details of what you want to discuss first please)

Fishing boats in Scarborough Harbour

Northern Shores are two fisheries scientists based in North Yorksire.

James and Magnus are happy to take on contracts related to fisheries, marine ecology or anything seafood related. We are currently representing Scarborough and Whitby Fishermen who are facing challenges with regard to their shore-side facilities and fishing grounds.

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Kit list


A 17ft GRP fast worker that can be used for coastal survey work, diving support or launching our type I benthic ROV.


“Wally” is a type 1 benthic ROV, co-owned by the University of Hull and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, that is ideal for working in low viz or moving water. He is best used as a drop-down camera (baited or not) that has the ability to drive up to objects on the sea floor. Max depth 30 m.

Dive Team

We and our associates have a range of experience as Scientific Divers and can quote for survey work or science kit deployment/recovery in marine or freshwater settings.


We have experience with a range of fishing gears both boat and shore based. Current projects include Bass surveys using static nets, shark tagging and negotiations with offshore developers to seek fair and evidence based compensation.


We are happy to deliver 3-4 day CPD courses on survey design and R statistical analysis. These will cover everything from how to switch R on to GLM.


Dr Magnus Johnson


An academic with 20 years experience of teaching and researching marine biology in Hull University. Particular skills in negotiation, crustacean biology, fisheries assessment, data management.

Dr James Wood


Fisherman and scientist with 15 years experience with the IFCA and then the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Particular skills in project management from funding application to completion, in survey design and problem solving.