About me

I am a marine biologist and scientific diver with a tendency to challenge anything that is too good to be true. At the moment I teach fisheries, aquatic zoology, conservation and tropical marine ecology. Very occasionally I am persuaded to put on diving kit and teach students not to drown.

For more information see www.marine-biology.org.uk

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I will be issuing our next newsletter soon. I an very interested to include your piece on The most abhorrent occupation in the world, and would welcome an introduction from yourself to go with this if possible.

  2. Hello , i am Sara Brazier and currently in my tenth year at secondary, and undergoing my GCSEs , I’ve reviewed you recent articles and have bee impressed by your work. As i aspire to become a marine biologist myself in the future, I was wondering if it was possible to send you a couple of questions for advice on how i can become closer to my target of becoming a marine biologist and maybe some day have a carer like yourself,

    kind regards Sara Brazier ;
    if you have the time please e-mail me : sarabraziersarabrazier @gmail.com
    thank you for your time

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