About me

I am an environmental marine scientist and scientific diver with a tendency to challenge anything that is too good to be true.

At the moment I teach statistical analysis and data presentation using R, aquatic zoology, oceanography, environmental issues, diving and tropical marine ecology.  I lead the MSc in Environmental Change, Monitoring and Management, teach on the Marine Biology Programme, lead the Malaysia Diving Field Trip and act as the University Diving Officer.  According to google I have published about 50 scientific works over the years on a variety of topics including the eyes of mesopelagic shrimps, marine management, decapods, artificial reefs, MPAs, krill and the mismanagement of fisheries around Chagos.  My claims to fame are having had the word “Bollocks” published in nature and having been told off in the same journal for criticising international marine scientists for their lack of care over research into hydrothermal vents (something that concerns me to this day).


My real interest though is in fisheries management and over the years I have been looking at the increasing squeeze on the fishing industry by various other stakeholders and opinion holders on available space. I recently moved to 0.8 FTE at University to spend more time working on fisheries and marine management issues as one half of Northern Shores Marine Consultancy Ltd.


A map of shipping density around the Humber.  Shipping channels, parking areas and the Humber Gateway windfarm

Current projects include re-introducing native oysters to the Humber, shark tagging, using a benthic ROV to survey shallow coastal areas along the Yorkshire Coast, working with Scarborough Fishers to improve their standing and viability developing an acoustic map of the Yorkshire coast and working with Shell and fishers to negotiate clearance of fishing gear for an upcoming seismic survey.

For more information about my University career see www.marine-biology.org.uk


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I will be issuing our next newsletter soon. I an very interested to include your piece on The most abhorrent occupation in the world, and would welcome an introduction from yourself to go with this if possible.

  2. Hello , i am Sara Brazier and currently in my tenth year at secondary, and undergoing my GCSEs , I’ve reviewed you recent articles and have bee impressed by your work. As i aspire to become a marine biologist myself in the future, I was wondering if it was possible to send you a couple of questions for advice on how i can become closer to my target of becoming a marine biologist and maybe some day have a carer like yourself,

    kind regards Sara Brazier ;
    if you have the time please e-mail me : sarabraziersarabrazier @gmail.com
    thank you for your time

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